Corporate Image Nights at ESVL in West Ave

Edward Sanchez and Diane Caplan have recently opened a new venue for Houston’s premier “appearance artist” in the posh West Ave establishment on Kirby Drive.  The new venture labeled ESVL (Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge) is making a name for itself quickly in the River Oaks neighborhood.  Just today, they were highlighted in the Houston Business Journal for their new digs and work.

Each month, ESVL hosts a Corporate Image Night.  Patrons are allowed to bring two outfits and for a relatively small fee are given royal treatment with hair and makeup work and then are photographed by STP Images.  The resulting headshots are stunning and impactful.  The next Corporate Image Night will be in May.

Take a look at a few of the images from the first two Corporate Image Nights.  Call ESVL or STP Images to get more information about the event.  You can reach STP Images at 281-501-0046.  We would love to see you at ESVL or call us for a headshot session on your own timetable.  Don’t be the person using a cell phone to take a photo of yourself in your bathroom mirror for a misguided “selfie”!

Desiree Shivana Diana

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