Headshot Nights at Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge

Where has 2013 gone!?  Halfway over and I still feel like I’m in the planning stages for the year.  We have been busy this year, mostly with family portrait sessions, headshots and a handful of seniors.  We moved the studio from the Montrose to Washington Avenue, but we’re still cranking out the sessions.

We have been working with Diane Caplan and Edward Sanchez from ESVL for their regularly scheduled Corporate Image Nights.  The way the events work is that you set an appointment with ESVL, you come in at your appointed time to get hair and makeup done, then STP Images Photography Studio runs you through an in-lounge headshot session.  You then pick your favorite headshot from the batch and get one high resolution, non-watermarked jpg for use in your professional life, personal life and social media outlets.

We have held a handful of these events so far and each one gets more popular than the one before it.  If you are needing to update your headshot for your resume, your website or just want to look good on Facebook or LinkedIn, call ESVL and get on the calendar!

I have posted a few of my favorite headshots from a session earlier this year.  Take a look at these and call to schedule yours before all the spots are taken.

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