One Green Street Mission Possible II

At STP Images Photography Studio, we shoot a good number of events.  Sometimes as many as 15 a month during peak event season.  However, I have never photographed an event where I had more fun and enjoyed the hands-on event any more than I did with Mission Possible II.  The folks at One Green Street in the Heights promote green products and lifestyles.  The store is awesome and full of some of the newest and purest green products around (we love the organic incense we purchased while there).

Mission Possible is a hands-on, interactive and awareness building event that we hope continues for years.  The basic premise is that folks pay a modest fee to participate in guerrilla gardening.  The mission started this year at Sparrow, Monica Pope’s new restaurant.  Each participant was given a wooden slingshot and 9 seedballs.  The seedballs were packed with native Texas flower seeds.  The guests were broken into three groups and loaded up onto the Pedal Party where the group found empty lots and launched the seedballs into the fields.  After the first rain, these seedballs germinate and fill the field with flowers.

Take a look at some of my favorite images from the event below.  Give us a call at STP Images Photography Studio for photographic coverage of your next event.  We can’t wait to help yours look as good as Mission Possible II did!


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