Wendy, Benton and Bob – VERY touching family shoot

My clients are the best clients in the world.  I have several that refer so many people to me for photography work, that each of them is more valuable than all the combined print advertising I have done in all the years of operating STP Images Photography Studio.  One of these incredible clients referred a woman to me with one of the most touching stories I’ve ever heard.

My friend Loren called me to say I should be expecting a call from a friend of hers in the near future.  The call came a few days later and after Wendy introduced herself, she told me her story.  It seems that Wendy adopted a very special child, Benton, not too long ago.  What made this adoption even more special is that Wendy personally knows Benton’s grandfather, Bob.  This made the adoption that much more personal for everyone involved and gave Wendy a tie to Benton’s biological family.  Bob, however, was recently given a very grim medical diagnosis.  Wendy felt like it was imperative that Benton and Bob be photographed together as soon as possible.  We scrambled to get a date chosen and we then selected Brennan’s beautiful restaurant grounds for the Sunday afternoon shoot.  It was so touching to see the interaction of grandfather and grandson and Wendy was there for the whole session as well.

Take a look at some of the best images from the shoot below.  While every family story can’t be just like this one, every family’s story is important to capture and tell.  Call us at STP Images Photography Studio and let’s set up a time to talk about a family portrait session that is perfect for YOUR family!

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