STP Images Commercial Photography

At STP Images Photography Studio, we focus on portraits and events, but we also have a thriving commercial side to our business.  While we don’t typically post our commercial work here, I thought the past three commercial shoots we completed to have had some really cool images.

Lots of our work is published monthly in Houston Modern Luxury Magazine.  One of our recent commercial shoots was for a client of the magazine.  We were asked to shoot the interior and some food images for the Brooklyn Athletic Club.  If you’ve not dined there yet, give it a shot.  They are located on Richmond Avenue just two blocks from midtown.  Just make sure you have a reservation on the weekend!

I have also done a litany of headshots for the consulting firm Wipro.  After about three years and over 30 individuals photographed, we were asked to photograph their new lobby for the cover of a brochure.  We stopped by and got several members of the management team to ‘model’ in the lobby for us.  The shoot was fun and quick, but the billable time represented in this photograph is mind boggling!

The final image below is of the wine room at Carrabba’s Original on Kirby Drive.  All but two of the Carrabba’s locations were sold to Outback Steakhouse, the the Kirby and Voss locations and still family owned and operated.  They needed photos for the website, for advertising and for their menus.  We did both food and interiors and were quite happy with the results.

If you are in the market for a commercial photographer, call on us at STP Images Photography Studio.  To see more of our commercially focused work, head to our commercial photography website.

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