Professional Portraits – Scott and Jane Orthodontics

A few months ago, I got a call from Jane about a new business that she and her business partner were opening.  They had just moved to Houston from Corpus Christi and were building out a new orthodontics office in southwest Houston.  The construction was nowhere near completed, but she was shopping to get rates and capabilities for photographers who could do both the interior space of the new office PLUS headshots and portraits of the two doctors.  After showing her some of our past work and discussing the logistics, Jane booked us to come shoot.  The only catch, was that we needed to wait until the buildout of the office space was completed prior to shooting.

We waited until two weeks ago when we got the call to schedule the shoot date.  We scheduled a Monday morning shoot at their Highway 6 office.  The space, however, was not quite done with the millwork, but we opted to keep the date to shoot the headshots and the portraits to enable them to get their website up and running.  We will reschedule the interior shoot later in August.

Take a look at a few of our favorites from the session.  Give us at call at STP Images to book your professional portrait or executive headshot session.  We are booking fall sessions now, so let us help you with your online professional image before winter gets here.  Call today!

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