Start 2014 with a new “Image”!

Have you ever taken a good look at the photos of your friends on LinkedIn or Facebook?  I do this on a regular basis and I am astounded at the number of people using horrible bathroom mirror selfies or event photos with a drink and friends cropped out.  Come on people!  Is that the image you really want to show the world?  In an instant, potential employers, clients and even potential dates can make a decision about whether to hire (or date) you based on what they see in the first few seconds of pulling your social media info.  Don’t be that guy/girl.

Give us a call at STP Images Photography Studio and let’s set up a headshot session or even a business executive portrait session to show the world what a mover and shaker you really are.  Even if you’re not, we can sure make you LOOK like you are.

Take a look at a few of the natural light headshots we’ve taken in just the past couple of weeks.  Check your calendar, give us an hour, and we’ll improve your professional and personal stature!  Call us at STP Images today.

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