Lord of the Streets Homeless Shelter Church Service

I have a firm belief in what our calling on this planet is about.  It is to show love and compassion to our fellow man at all times.  I have spent over 20 years of my life actively volunteering for various charities.  However, nothing has been as rewarding to me as my three years volunteering once a week at Lord of the Streets Homeless Shelter in mid-town Houston.  We help the homeless and those in difficult transitional circumstances get the help they need.  This can include clothing, shoes, free Texas IDs, free birth certificates, free health care services, access to a social security attorney and help finding food and housing.  We also hold a church service for them each Sunday morning and then feed them a free, home-style breakfast following the service – we have between 200 and 250 people every Sunday for the church service and breakfast.

Lord of the Streets is also a full fledged Parish of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas.  In fact, it’s the only church in the United States where 100% of the parishioners are homeless.  On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, Lord of the Streets held an outdoor church service.  One of the homeless parishioners agreed to grill burgers for those who attended the service.  I volunteered to take some photos of this very touching and moving event.  A few of my favorites from the service are below.


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