Business Professional Photos – Breccia DeMartini

I’ve done a good bit of work in the past for Fashion Houston and other local fashion events.  Shooting runway fashion can be difficult with the changing lighting conditions and fast movement.  Finding inspiration and the creativity needed to shoot a full fashion line can be daunting – not to mention the difficulty of coordinating the team of people involved.  While we will still dive into the fashion world at STP Images Photography Studio, our happy place has been headshots and portraits.

When Breccia DeMartini reached out to us for some professional headshots and portraits, we jumped at the opportunity.  It was a perfect blending of fashion and portraits.

Breccia is a Houston-based fashion designer who has been actively styling and coordinating fashion since the age of 4.  She then worked her way into selling and promoting other designer’s pieces and was working with some of the top fashion savvy people in Houston by her teens.  She then enrolled at the School of Fashion and Textiles in Melbourne, Australia.  She has been mentored by many leading global designers and is set to release her own line in the near future.  Here is the link to her website.

We decided on a date for her photo shoot and Breccia brought some of her newest designs.  We had WAY more options to choose from that we could shoot her in, but it gave Breccia the opportunity to show off some of her best work.  The resulting photos will be used to promote both Breccia and her upcoming release of her new line.  We think she looks stunning.

Take a look at a few of our favorites from the session.  To find out more about our Business Professional photography, click on the “Business Professional” tab above.  Book now!  September is a busy month.

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