Kathy Anderson – Business Professional Photos

We recently received a phone call for Business Professional Photos for local business owner Kathy Anderson.  Kathy is the principal designer and owner of Eklektik Interiors and brings a broad perspective and exclusiveness to her interior designs.  Inspired by world travels, Kathy focuses on creating a personal design that is timeless.  With extensive residential as well as commercial experience, Kathy has found that a vital key to truly successful interior design projects is communication.  She believes the design process should be an enjoyable one and by assisting her clients comprehension of the process, the experience becomes less intimidating for them.

Kathy also understands the importance of a first impression.  Whether that first impression is for a visitor to a home that has benefitted from her design expertise or for a visitor to her website when deciding which interior design firm to use.  That is why Kathy contacted us for a great portrait to use in her advertising and on her website.

We set up two different shoot options for her inside the Eklektik Interiors design space.  She loved the outcome of both and if you’ve seen this month’s issue of Houston Magazine, you’ll recognize these photos from her ad.

Give the experts at STP Images Photography Studio a call to book your headshots or your professional portraits.  We love helping Houston business owners look their best.

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