A. J. Tufte Headshots

When the phone rang in the studio early one recent morning, A. J. Tufte introduced himself and mentioned that while he probably needed a full Business Professional photo shoot, what he really needed was a good set of headshots.  Turns out that A. J. and his wife were here in Houston from their home in the northern part of the USA.  They missed home, but were happy here and work was treating them well.

Family time became more important to them as the months rolled by, so A. J. and his wife sought employment in their home state to allow them to move home.  They both found employment quickly and were thrilled to be moving back north.  However, A. J. was asked by his new employer for a headshot to be used in a press release.  A. J. didn’t have one, so he called the professionals at STP Images.

A. J. wanted a conservative and traditional headshot for his office, but also wanted a naturally lit, contemporary headshot to use on his personal social media.  We set a date and when A. J. arrived, we went straight into the studio to shoot his traditional headshots.  We then moved into the natural light portion of the studio and captured some great contemporary headshots as well.

Take a look at a few favorites from the photo shoot below.  If you are needing a new headshot for 2016, please give us a call in the studio or shoot us an email.  We would love to help you out!

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