I rarely dip my toes into the ‘artistic photography’ world as my focus is on headshots, portraits and events.  However, this coming Saturday, March 12, my second FotoFest exhibition will open with a reception at the Havens Center at 1827 West Alabama.  To add a little additional incentive to attend the reception, we will have catered fajitas and a mix of great Mexican beers for all who attend.

Outside of my photography, I also am a Bishop’s Committee member of Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church (LOTS).  Almost 100% of the parishioners of LOTS are homeless individuals.  I also volunteer at LOTS once a week at the LOTS building at 3401 Fannin.  In my years of working with the parishioners at LOTS, I have gained a good deal of understanding and knowledge of the plight of the homeless.  My FotoFest 2016 solo exhibition focuses on the positive aspects of LOTS parishioners.

The solo exhibition will run from March 12 through April 24, 2016.  If you cannot attend opening night, I would hope that you could find time to stop by the Havens Center and take a look at this unique and loving look at those around us who are yard.less.  You will then have my permission to stop into the Chocolate Bar and indulge!  Hope to see you all there.

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