Office Staff Headshots – Par Pacific

A regular part of our business offerings is our ability to set up on-location at a client site to photograph multiple employee headshots in one sitting.  Most resembling “photo day” from when we were all in school, the process is very easy from our client’s perspective.

Once a date and time are chosen, we arrive about 45 minutes early to set up the lighting for the headshots.  We bring studio quality lighting to our on-location shoots, which yields fantastic results.  Typically, we need an empty space about 10′ x 15′ to allow lighting and backdrop setup.  Once we are set up and ready to go, we then bring the employees in one at a time to capture the headshots.  Typically, we need 10 minutes or less with each employee.  We coordinate the shoot schedule with a single point of contact with each client to ensure the photo shoot runs smoothly and stays on schedule.

The end result is beautiful headshots for all the employees in your organization.  The headshots have a consistent look and feel that can be easily duplicated when you add a new employee or two.  Additionally, the more employees we photograph per sitting, the less expensive each headshot becomes.  You can see pricing on our Office Staff page.

Take a look at a few of the headshots from our recent session at Par Pacific and then call us at STP Images to book us for your employee team!

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