Photography Classes!

Do you own a DSLR camera (see photo), but don’t know how to use it?  Do you have a DSLR camera and are using it, but leave it on “A” (automatic) mode and you don’t like the way your photos turn out?  Do you have a basic understanding of the camera, but want to take more dynamic photos that tell a story?  Do you have lots of photos on your camera card, but don’t know what to do with them?

We all have cell phones and most of us use the camera function on the phone.  Do you wonder why your cell phone photos are always blurry?  Do you wonder why your cell phone photos are all too dark?  Do you wonder why your cell phone photos don’t look like the photos posted by your social media friends?  Do you want to be more polished in your social media sharing of your photos?

lf you fall into any or all of these categories, we have a 2 hour class offering to help you!  Certified Professional Photographer, Todd Parker, has years of teaching experience and most recently taught the Photography 101 and Photography 201 classes at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.  Todd designed the curriculum for these 2 hour classes in partnership with the Houston Center for Photography as well as the International Center for Photography in NYC.  These quick and helpful 2 hour classes include lecture instruction, viewing projected sample images for critique to reinforce comprehension and hands-on photography exercises to practice the concepts.

The classes are held at Vine Street Rental Studio, which provides a spectacularly beautiful backdrop for taking photos.  To see a listing of the classes, check out the class schedule in the right hand sidebar on this page.  By clicking on the class listing in the sidebar, you will be taken directly to our Eventbrite page where you can read the course descriptions, register for class, pay for your registration and print your tickets all at once.  We would love to see you in one of our classes!  Call the studio with questions or see our class listings at Vine Street Rental Studio.


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