Make a Great First Impression

We live in an instant gratification world.  Want a new pair of shoes?  Open the Amazon app on your smart phone, order them today and wear them to work tomorrow.  Need to see how your team is doing while at an evening company event?  Peek at the ESPN app on your phone.  Looking for someone to take to the concert Saturday night?  Open Tinder and swipe left or swipe right.

Your headshots and portraits play an important role in your personal and professional success.  While the above mentioned swiping decision on Tinder is an analogy, the truth is that people make instantaneous judgements and decisions about you based on their first impression of your profile photo.  You’ve heard the saying that you can’t undo a first impression – it is true.  No matter how long you know someone, you’ll be judged through the lens of that first impression you made.

With so much at stake – seeking a new career employment opportunity, securing that venture capital backing, getting the interview from the adoption agency, promoting your new business grand opening – don’t you want all the possible advantages you can get?  A beautiful, professional headshot or portrait can do JUST that for you – give you that edge.

Take a look at a few samples from our recent work.  When you’re ready to get serious about separating yourself from the “field”, give us a call to book your session!


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