Five Reasons to Update Your Headshot

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”.  While this is a charming sentiment, it isn’t real in today’s world.  In reality, we are all judged by our outward appearance the moment we first meet someone (whether in person or online).  This is particularly true when it comes to professional situations—job interviews, making connections, networking.  We have 5 seconds in which to make our lasting first impression with someone.

It’s doubly important in today’s technically connected world to appear professional and trustworthy.  Most career-driven people understand the importance of a fully professional appearance in person, but far too many of us fail to exude that same professionalism online—the very place most professional contacts will initially make contact with you.

Instead of using a selfie-stick to take a poor quality snapshot for your LinkedIn or social media pages, consider a professional headshot instead.  Here are five reasons why you need a professional headshot:

Look the part – If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look like a professional.  Period.

Take yourself seriously – Making a small financial investment in a professional headshot shows that you take yourself and your career seriously.  A professional headshot shows that you not only are professional, but that you are so attentive to detail, that not even your headshot escapes your scrutiny.

Stand out from the crowd – As important as a professional headshot is to a winning career, many adults still rely on poor-quality cell phone photos or center crops from group photos at a recent party.  If you want recruiters, potential employers, potential clients and networking contacts to take a closer look at doing business with you, start the process by sharing a headshot that’s high quality and visually pleasing.

Stay top of mind – By including a professional headshot on your social media accounts – and allowing people to put a professional face to your name – you are more likely to stay top-of-mind to the important people who look you up online, whether before meeting you face-to-face or after.

This is your only shot – In the fast-paced, digital world that we live in, where important contacts are often too busy to read more than a few lines of your resume, a professional headshot is your only opportunity to make a great first impression.   Don’t waste those opportunities – they are rare.

Take a look below at some of our favorite headshots from the past few weeks.

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