We have a new sister!

STP Images Photography Studio now has a new sister company.  Houston Rental Studio is now open and booking business.  I’ve already had three photo shoots in the studio for STP Images and we will have our third studio rental tonight.  Not bad for only one week in business so far!

Not only are we extremely responsive to rental requests (usually minutes, not days) we accept all major forms of payment (cash, certified funds and all major credit cards), we have frosty cold air conditioning for those blistering hot summer days ahead (no need to plan around shooting during “cooler hours” as we’re always cool), we have plenty of FREE front door parking (right by the door, not blocks away) and there is an elevator in the lobby to move equipment between the first and second floors.

Houston Rental Studio can be rented by the hour or day by photographers or clients looking for a beautiful, artistic, historic and AIR CONDITIONED space for photography, classes or get togethers.  The smaller shooting space is contained within the 750 s.f. footprint of Suite 210 at Vine Street Studios.  This space has a makeup station, a changing area, a ceiling mounted paper sweep (gray and white) and the option of renting it with or without photography strobe lighting.  This space has original 1905 wooden floors and brick walls along with a huge double window that allows for incredibly impactful natural light photography.

Options also include using the entire space at Vine Street Studios.  These common spaces are massive, extremely photogenic and will make a spectacular background for you portraits or other styles of photo shoots.  We can even shoot in the basement if a ‘creepy’ feel is what you seek!

Take a look at our website here for more information – CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE HOUSTON RENTAL STUDIO WEBSITE.

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have questions or want to reserve a spot on out calendar today!


Debbie Steele’s Model Search Photo Shoot

Back in early March, I received a call from Debbie Steele who was searching for a photographer to capture her at her best for photos that she could use to send to talent agencies for work.  It seems that Debbie was looking to enter the world of modeling for print and multimedia and possibly an acting career.  What was most surprising is that Debbie was calling me in Houston . . . from Abilene, Texas!

Debbie definitely wins the award for the furthest distance driven for a photo shoot with us.  She literally drove for six and a half hours for this photo shoot.  With that kind of dedication from Debbie, the pressure was now on us to deliver the goods for her full blown shoot with makeup and hair services provided by Edward Sanchez.

Edward’s makeup and wardrobe consultation were spot-on and we set about to provide the most reflective images of Debbie so the folks at the talent agencies could see the real “Debbie” shine through.

I think between Debbie’s bubbly enthusiasm, Edward’s expertise and our photography, we captured Debbie in the exact manner she desired.  Take a look at a few of our favorites and call us to get YOUR photo shoot on the calendar!

Business Headshots – Joan Lipuscek

Just after the new year started, I received a call from a past client letting me know that he had referred a potential headshot client to us.  A couple of days later, we received the phone call.  Joan Lipuscek MS LMFTA, is a licensed Child, Teen and Family Therapist.  However, it has been a while since she has actively seen clients.  Joan spent the better part of the past decade being an outstanding stay-at-home mother.  She is now ready to get her practice rolling again and needed current headshots for the promotion of her practice.

We talked about the look and feel of her headshots and what she wanted those headshots to “tell” prospective clients.  Joan wanted something more contemporary than traditional studio lighting to make her seem more approachable and empathetic.  We opted for shooting outdoors at the Menil Collection and she was pleased with the results.  Take a look at a few of our favorites from the session below.

When you are ready to update your headshots or if you need photos of multiple people in your office at a single sitting, give us a call or email us to set up your photo shoot.

Business Professional Photos for Magazine Ads

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a good percentage of our clients here at STP Images use local print publications to advertise their roles in their organizations or to advertise their own small businesses.  Recently, several real estate professionals ran ads in Houstonia Magazine and needed professional photographs for the ad.

We were thrilled to get the call to photograph each of them.  Michael Silva of John Daugherty Realtors, Rachel Conklin of Martha Turner Sotheby’s and Heather Mountain of Heritage Texas Properties Woodlands all had STP Images shoot their Business Professional photos for the Houstonia ad.  Each of them is also using these same portraits on their realtor websites and on HAR.

Take a look at a few of our favorites from those three sessions below.  When you’re ready to update your headshots or need a full Business Professional session, give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s plan how we can make YOU look great for your clients and prospective clients, too!


Office Staff Headshots – Par Pacific

A regular part of our business offerings is our ability to set up on-location at a client site to photograph multiple employee headshots in one sitting.  Most resembling “photo day” from when we were all in school, the process is very easy from our client’s perspective.

Once a date and time are chosen, we arrive about 45 minutes early to set up the lighting for the headshots.  We bring studio quality lighting to our on-location shoots, which yields fantastic results.  Typically, we need an empty space about 10′ x 15′ to allow lighting and backdrop setup.  Once we are set up and ready to go, we then bring the employees in one at a time to capture the headshots.  Typically, we need 10 minutes or less with each employee.  We coordinate the shoot schedule with a single point of contact with each client to ensure the photo shoot runs smoothly and stays on schedule.

The end result is beautiful headshots for all the employees in your organization.  The headshots have a consistent look and feel that can be easily duplicated when you add a new employee or two.  Additionally, the more employees we photograph per sitting, the less expensive each headshot becomes.  You can see pricing on our Office Staff page.

Take a look at a few of the headshots from our recent session at Par Pacific and then call us at STP Images to book us for your employee team!

Kelley Devine Headshots

Through my photography work and my affiliation with Esperson Gallery, I have had the chance to work with many great artists.  It is fantastic to be a part of a greater artistic community with artists who excel in a huge array of mediums.

At some of the non-profit events I have photographed, I wound up with event photos of Kelley Devine on several occasions.  At a recent Art of Leadership event, Kelley and I discussed some purposefully taken professional headshots for her to use in the promotion of her thriving artistic ventures.  She also knew the importance of having more than one single headshot.  Limiting herself to a single headshot would restrict the impact of her promotional activites across multiple platforms and campaigns.

We set the date and used Esperson Gallery as the backdrop for the photography.  We took a series of headshots and a few waist up photos.  Take a look at a few of our favorites below.  Spring is the perfect time to freshen your online presence for the new year.  Give us a call and let’s talk about some options for a fresh start to 2016 with some new headshots.


I rarely dip my toes into the ‘artistic photography’ world as my focus is on headshots, portraits and events.  However, this coming Saturday, March 12, my second FotoFest exhibition will open with a reception at the Havens Center at 1827 West Alabama.  To add a little additional incentive to attend the reception, we will have catered fajitas and a mix of great Mexican beers for all who attend.

Outside of my photography, I also am a Bishop’s Committee member of Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church (LOTS).  Almost 100% of the parishioners of LOTS are homeless individuals.  I also volunteer at LOTS once a week at the LOTS building at 3401 Fannin.  In my years of working with the parishioners at LOTS, I have gained a good deal of understanding and knowledge of the plight of the homeless.  My FotoFest 2016 solo exhibition focuses on the positive aspects of LOTS parishioners.

The solo exhibition will run from March 12 through April 24, 2016.  If you cannot attend opening night, I would hope that you could find time to stop by the Havens Center and take a look at this unique and loving look at those around us who are yard.less.  You will then have my permission to stop into the Chocolate Bar and indulge!  Hope to see you all there.