Everyone who shares a home with a pet considers them full-fledged family member, with all appropriate rights including voting and ownership of square footage.  So, when you consider family photos, don’t leave your favorite furry ones out of the picture – literally.

STP Images can photograph your pets in our studio or in your home or anywhere in between.  Whether you prefer great studio shots with controlled lighting and sharp detail or you prefer casual outdoor, naturally lit photos, we can photograph it all for you.  We also want you to join in the fun as well.  The dynamic between you and your pet exemplifying the connection you have is exactly what we want to capture.

Don’t worry if you think your pet might be a bit too rambunctious to photograph.  Even if your pet goes into high speed orbit on the photo shoot set, you’ll be amazed at the photos we can capture.  We treat your pet(s) as royalty during the photo shoot.  It is about the animals first, so we work on THEIR terms!  We won’t force poses or frustrate your four-legged loved ones in any way.  Even with shy or really nervous pets, we’re able to capture wonderful photos that truly reflect their personality and exactly what you love about them.

  • Full portrait photo shoot with one (1) to three (3) family pets
  • Studio Photo Shoots (one or two hour sessions available)
  • Outdoor Photo Shoots (one or two hour sessions available)
  • Combination Photo Shoot (two hour session outdoors and in studio)
  • In-studio Ordering Session to review all final photo shoot images on large HD screen
  • Full retouching on all chosen images from Ordering Session
  • Session Investment becomes “on account” funds for purchases during Ordering Session
  • One hour studio or one hour outdoor Session Investment – $295.00
  • Two hour studio or two hour outdoor Session Investment – $445.00
  • One hour studio PLUS one hour outdoor Session Investment – $545.00

Take a look at some of our sample pet photos below. Call us at the studio or email us and let’s discuss what you’d like to do for your pets and we’ll work with you to create the perfect shoot.  Your pet is worth it and we know it!




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