What I learned over the past 10 years as a Pro Photographer

On April 12, 2017, STP Images Photography Studio will celebrate its 10th anniversary.  I’ve been so focused on keeping the photography business pipeline full that I’ve ignored publicizing the anniversary.  This weekend offered me a rare Saturday with no shoots or retouching – so, I sat at the pool in this beautiful weather and pondered the past ten years in business as an entrepreneur.  Here are some of my observations.

  • Working for yourself gives you the opportunity to work for the BEST boss you’ll ever have in your life.
  • Working for yourself gives you nowhere to hide when things don’t go right.
  • Being your own boss is incredibly liberating.
  • Being your own boss can be (at times) paralyzingly frightening.
  • After 10 years of being a full time, professional photographer, I am still learning.  The topics of my learning have migrated from mostly perfecting photography techniques to mostly perfecting building a solid business.
  • I have some of the best (and most beautiful) clients in the world – just look at the sample headshots to see for yourself!
  • Ten years is a long time.
  • Ten years flies by.
  • I have been helped by several generous professional photographers and multi-media artists who taught me things early in my career that are benefitting me today.  Their unselfishness has led me to paying it forward by participating in the Photography Guild of Houston where I will be teaching classes later this year to help embryonic photography businesses with practical information.
  • I love the business I am in – I truly say “I can’t believe this is my job!” out loud multiple times a month.  And I mean it.
  • You don’t have to be the top 1% to succeed, but you DO need to be dogged, unrelenting and totally focused on your goals.
  • It takes a support system of family, friends and great clients to find true success.
  • Photography is art.  Art is a business.  A serious business.

I realized that my 10 years as a photographer has been the longest employment tenure in my life – a milestone that exemplifies how great it is to be an entrepreneur.

I wish to thank my wife, Cindy, for her support during this circuitous 10 year journey.  It hasn’t been easy and there were some scary financial times along the way.  Her support is the foundation that I cling to when the business weather gets rough and batters me about.

My clients are the jet fuel that keeps this business running.  I am grateful for all who have referred people to me, I am grateful for everyone who has booked me after finding me on Google or Facebook and I am grateful for the literal thousands of faces that have graced my studio and passed though my computer screen for PhotoShop retouching.

I look forward to the next 10 years and hope they are as exciting and inspiring as the last 10 years have been.  Now, please call me to book YOUR headshots!

Corporate Headshots for Office Staff

One of our specialities is setting up on-site at Houston corporations and businesses and photographing headshots and portraits of office staff for use on corporate websites and print publications.  This type of work isn’t easy, it isn’t for the beginner or the inexperienced.

STP Images Photography Studio is a fully insured photography studio that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in April 2017.  We’ve done this type of work over and over and over.  We are able to get in quickly, get set up and to photograph your staff or executives in a timely, but proper manner.

Once the headshots have been captured, typical turn around time is two weeks or less to receive your fully retouched files.  In 2016, we have photographed over 1,400 individuals at corporate locations.  Take a look at the samples below to see the type of work you can expect from the professionals at STP Images Photography Studio.

Pricing can be found by clicking here – Office Staff Headshots.  Call or email today for more information or to book your office staff headshots.

Headshots and Business Professional portraits

STP Images has been very busy lately and the work it takes to shoot, retouch and manage the business end of things makes it difficult to stay on top of posting our recent work.  However, after 16 separate photo shoots just this past week alone, I wanted to share a few favorites.

When you are ready for a new online “image” or a much better headshot for your social media profiles, give us a call and get on our calendar.  Our studio is beautiful and the headshots and portraits are stunning.

Take a look at just a few shots from the past week and see what you think.  If you like this and you’re ready for an update to your personal image, give us a call or shoot us an email.  We want to help you look great for your clients and friends.

STP Images Recent Work

STP Images Photography Studio has never been busier!  Just two weeks into August, we have set a record for the best 3 month period (June – July – August) in our almost 10 years of existence.  We have also experienced a widely diverse array of subjects for the photo shoots that have set this 3 month record.

We have shot hundreds of individuals for headshots, dozens of folks for Business Professional portraits, we have photographed chefs and their food, we have photographed social events, behind the scenes photos for video productions and even managed a few product photography shoots as well.

We specialize in photos of people – our headshots and portraits speak for themselves.  However, if you have a need for event photography, food photography, pet photography or family photos, give us a call.

Take a look at a few of the favorite shots from some of our recent photo shoots.




Headshot Madness!

June and July have been the busiest two month stretch in the history of STP Images, which is quickly approaching 10 years.  We owe most of this awesome stretch to our fantastic new headshot clients, our headshot clients who actively refer colleagues/friends and our Business Professional clients.

We’ve had so many great clients over the past 60 days, we decided to serve up a sampling of our favorite headshots and Business Professional portraits rather than limit profiling only one or two clients.  So, take a look at a few of our favorite images from our scores of recent shoots and give us a call at STP Images when you’re ready to upgrade your personal image.

Business Professional Photos

Over the first half of 2016, STP Images has been busy taking headshots and portraits of Houston’s hardest working people.  We’ve taken Business Professional portraits of doctors, lawyers, executives, corporate employees, business owners, chefs, therapists, politicians and artists.  The reasons for these headshots and portraits are as varied as the careers each of our clients pursues.  The images will be used in magazine ads, used for concert promotion, used on album covers and liner notes, used on campaign literature, used on corporate websites, used on social media and displayed in print campaigns (think of those ads on the shopping carts that stare you in the face at Kroger and HEB).

While the careers and reasons for needing updated photos vary greatly for our clients, one thing remains constant – each client receives excellent customer service and value, each client is pampered during the shoot and made to feel comfortable with what we’re capturing and each client receives headshots and portraits that they love and will use for some time to come.

Take a look at a few of our favorites from eight different recent shoots.  When you are ready to update your personal or professional photos, give STP Images Photography Studio a call and we’ll help improve YOUR image, too!


Bliss Adagio – Business Professional Photo Shoot

Houston jazz singer Bliss Adagio called us a couple of months ago to inquire about a full Business Professional shoot at STP Images Photography Studio.  Bliss was asked to be a part of a jazz concert, in conjuction with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, that will happen this fall at the Hobby Center in downtown Houston.  Bliss needed some photos that the concert promoter could use for the concert in addition to the promotional needs Bliss had for her musical career.

We spent weeks talking – the makeup team, the hair styling team, the fashion team in addition to Bliss and STP Images.  We mapped out a perfect set of clothing, makeup and hair for six different looks at the new STP Images Photography Studio.  We captured some AMAZING photos and it took Bliss nearly a full month to narrow her selections down to six final files.

I was thrilled with the results and Bliss was as well.  Take a look at the final choices below that Bliss made for her photos.  We think she made some great choices.

When you are ready for YOUR moment in the sun, give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss your photo shoot vision.  We’ll make you look GREAT and you’ll have professional photos you can use for some time to come.


Gregg Harrison – Power Lawyer

In April, we answered our phone to find Gregg Harrison calling, interested in having some portraits done.  Gregg is a lawyer and he was being profiled in a local publication as a Power Lawyer in Houston.  He wanted portraits that showed him in a colorful, but powerful, pose that would reflect his level of success in the legal profession.

Gregg mentioned that he had a very specific pose and background in mind.  Gregg is a huge fan of the artwork of Fariba Abedin and he wanted to know if we could photograph him in front of one of her paintings.  After letting him know that this would not be a challenge, he called Fariba and she was kind enough to open her art studio for us to allow the photo shoot to take place there.  We captured some awesome shots in the art studio and then moved on to his offices in Greenway Plaza.

Gregg wound up with so many great photos, that he literally couldn’t choose which ones to use in his magazine profile.  Take a look at a few of our favorites from the photo shoot below.  When you are ready to improve YOUR online or corporate image, call the professionals at STP Images Photography Studio!

Business Headshots – Joan Lipuscek

Just after the new year started, I received a call from a past client letting me know that he had referred a potential headshot client to us.  A couple of days later, we received the phone call.  Joan Lipuscek MS LMFTA, is a licensed Child, Teen and Family Therapist.  However, it has been a while since she has actively seen clients.  Joan spent the better part of the past decade being an outstanding stay-at-home mother.  She is now ready to get her practice rolling again and needed current headshots for the promotion of her practice.

We talked about the look and feel of her headshots and what she wanted those headshots to “tell” prospective clients.  Joan wanted something more contemporary than traditional studio lighting to make her seem more approachable and empathetic.  We opted for shooting outdoors at the Menil Collection and she was pleased with the results.  Take a look at a few of our favorites from the session below.

When you are ready to update your headshots or if you need photos of multiple people in your office at a single sitting, give us a call or email us to set up your photo shoot.

Business Professional Photos for Magazine Ads

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a good percentage of our clients here at STP Images use local print publications to advertise their roles in their organizations or to advertise their own small businesses.  Recently, several real estate professionals ran ads in Houstonia Magazine and needed professional photographs for the ad.

We were thrilled to get the call to photograph each of them.  Michael Silva of John Daugherty Realtors, Rachel Conklin of Martha Turner Sotheby’s and Heather Mountain of Heritage Texas Properties Woodlands all had STP Images shoot their Business Professional photos for the Houstonia ad.  Each of them is also using these same portraits on their realtor websites and on HAR.

Take a look at a few of our favorites from those three sessions below.  When you’re ready to update your headshots or need a full Business Professional session, give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s plan how we can make YOU look great for your clients and prospective clients, too!